artist statement

SONY DSCI create functional objects d’art inspired by repeating images found in the natural world. As an artist and geologist I am fascinated by how natural structures and minerals can be graphically represented by shapes and colors. The seemingly chaotic, complex patterns found in nature have long inspired me. These natural shapes inspire me when creating intricate kaleidoscope patterns using polymer canes.

Some of my favorite patterns begin as different colors of slender sticks of polymer bundled together lengthwise. When the bundle, or cane, is sliced crosswise, the cross-section reveals a geometric pattern. Slices cut from a cane are turned and placed against others to create a complex kaleidoscope effect.

I nod to my Welsh roots by spelling Clyne with a “y”. The name Clyne derives from the word “cline,” which is defined as a continuum with an infinite number of gradations from one extreme to the other; this reflects my use of gradational colors, angles, and patterns in my favorite complex repeating designs.