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Seren Collection business card case – kiwi colors

Janet is an artist, scientist, and writer whose work is privately collected in the US and UK. She holds both Bachelors and Masters degrees in geology. Since 2006 Janet has been working in polymer. What interests her most about polymer is the ability to create 3D patterns, just like those created by folding and faulting of rock formations and the symmetry exhibited by mineral crystals. She first became interested in polymer after friends suggested that the properties of polymer might be perfectly suited to creating custom lightweight, colorful embellishments that would be otherwise impossible to find.

Janet’s careers in geology, environmental cleanups, and computer mapping informed her to consider shapes, patterns, and colors as representations of the natural world. Subsurface interpretation requires 3D¬†visualization in the face of the uncertainty of buried rock formations. Creating maps requires designing a pleasing display to communicate complex ideas.¬† Complex, meaningful patterns found in the natural world have long inspired her to depict images that invoke order and beauty from complicated ideas.

Janet currently lives in Northern Virginia and enjoys the excitement of working in nearby Washington, DC.